Why am I having difficulties starting my automobile?

Q. For the earlier couple months, I have sometimes experienced issues setting up my 2015 Nissan Sentra. The vendor 1st explained it was a weak battery, but after changing it, the issue persisted. Then they explained it was the brake swap. When I put my foot on the brake pedal, it doesn’t go down. I wait four to 6 minutes and it normally begins. I’m a senior and fearful that one particular working day it will not get started at all, so that prevents me from driving outdoors my quite community place. Do you have any solutions? 

A. The tricky brake pedal could be a clue. The Sentra has a good important — its push button start requires that you force on the brake pedal to get started the auto. I imagine the dealer was on the ideal monitor in replacing the brake switch. I suspect the brake electricity booster is losing vacuum. The challenge could be a leaking brake electricity booster or even condensation in the booster vacuum line. 

Q. What do you think of the Hyundai Sonata hybrid? With all of the problems Hyundai had with their engines in the past handful of decades, would you belief the engine in the hybrid to last? 

A. Hyundai unquestionably experienced its share of complications with two sure engines that would fundamentally self-destruct and catch fireplace. It appears that the issue was remedied in the 2018 and more recent types (time will convey to). The engine in the new Sonata hybrid is not topic to any remembers. Concerning the automobile itself, it is an incredibly good auto. The ride is cozy, five grownups can in good shape in the auto with affordable comfort, and the fuel economic climate is outstanding at 52 miles for every gallon, according to the vacation computer system through my exam travel. 

Q. Is there anything we can do about alloy wheels that lead to tires to lose air throughout chilly spells? It is preposterous to be continually heading to the air pump or the mechanic for air. I have even had the repair store use an anti-oxidizing lubricant on the wheels to avert corrosion, but nevertheless need to have to include air. 

A. About all you can do brief of replacing the wheels is to try all over again to clear and seal the wheels. Dismounting the tires, cleaning up the corrosion, and then applying a excellent bead sealer can at times get the job done. General Motors several years again would recommend dismounting the tire, cleansing up the rim with medium-coarse sandpaper and carburetor spray, and sealing the leaking spot with silicone gasket cement. A couple of many years again a reader who had a leaking wheel cleaned the wheel with alcoholic beverages, coated the wheel with FlexSeal, allow it dry right away, and had the tire reinstalled. Personally, I have experienced rather superior luck buffing/sanding the wheel the place the tire bead locks and then applying loads of bead sealer. 

Q. I experienced to travel residence in the snow just one working day and my windshield wipers stored getting clogged with ice and mounting off the windshield. I would have to pull more than and knock the ice off only to have it materialize once more in a different 15 miles. What can I do? 

A. The 1st put to start out is to make sure your car’s defroster is functioning thoroughly and directing loads of air to the windshield. Also be certain the motor is acquiring thoroughly up to temperature. If every little thing is operational, switch your wiper blades to an all-climate or wintertime blade. These blades are a beam layout or use a protect (steel, plastic, or rubber) to block ice from creating up in the fingers of the wiper blade. The all-climate blades are a bit more highly-priced, but in my viewpoint are really worth the money.

John Paul is AAA Northeast’s Motor vehicle Physician. He has over 40 years of knowledge in the automotive business enterprise and is an ASE-certified grasp technician. E-mail your vehicle issue to [email protected]. Pay attention to Car Health practitioner on the radio at 10 a.m. every Saturday on 104.9 FM or on the internet at northshore1049.com.