What Car or truck Do You Want To Get Out Of The Stellantis Merger?

Peugot 508 Wagon

Picture: Peugot

These mergers typically come to feel like significant techniques towards a totally homogenized car or truck enterprise where badge engineering and rigorous bean-counting lead us to our inescapable long run 23,000 robots stamping out a person product of electric crossover in 7 unique colors. But, among now and then, it’s possible some thing enjoyment comes about.

Following all, it’s took place in advance of. The very first “merger of equals” got us the Chrysler Crossfire and, definitely if you feel about it, the Challenger and Charger. The Fiat takeover put the outstanding and a short while ago discontinued Alfa Romeo 4C, the Giulia and the 500 Abarth on American streets. Not a bad offer total.

Could Stellantis provide us a lot more than just a Paul Verhoeven-ass identify/brand? I believe it could. It probably will not, but it could.

Possibly we get the fantastic crossover, the Citroën C4 Cactus? It’s possible, as a result of some absolute fluke, a wonder of miracles, someone drags a C3 WRC about to dominate a community hill climb or an ARA function. It is technically attainable that a thing like that could transpire? It’s possible a DS?

I’ve carried out a very little searching, and I imagine at this moment and of program, barring the not possible rally situation I pointed out earlier mentioned the PSA nameplate I’d like to see in the states is the 508 SW, a car or truck probably to market in the mid-dozens just before being canceled. But however, seem at it! Do Americans despise wagons? Or are the wagons we get just insufficiently French? Probably the previous but there is only a person way to know for certain.

Peugot 508 SW

Image: Peugot British isles

Anyway, just take a appear for by yourself. We’ve received new makes, many French, coming into into a organization entanglement with the people who make the V8 Jeep and the million horsepower pony automobile, the prospects are limitless. You want a Ram with Peugeot 504 badges? You want, uhh, an Opel? A Vauxhall? Lemme know! The Stellantis guys are unquestionably looking through your responses to inform their organizing!