This 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car is very green

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Autoblog Green editor John Beltz Snyder asked me to come up with something for his side of the room, so I happily obliged. Team player and all. This may not be what he had in mind, but Mr. Snyder cannot deny that the car you see here is in fact extremely green.

In fact, the exterior of this 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car for sale by Worldwide Vintage Autos is rocking two verdant shades. According to this original brochure, it sure looks like a combination of Dark Jade Metallic with Light Jade Valino Grain Vinyl Roof. There was actually a “Light Jade and Dark Jade Luxury Group” for ’77 that describes this very car’s exterior combo, but that apparently has a “tu-tone” leather and vinyl upholstery inside, whereas this car would seem to have the optional “Majestic Velour Luxury Group” in Jade. 

If you wonder why I’m oddly fascinated by Malaise era luxury yachts, descriptors like “Light Jade Valino Grain Vinyl” and “Majestic Velour” should provide key clues.


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Well, those and the specs. The ’77 Continental Town Car was 233 inches long, which is 11.1 inches longer than a 2021 Lincoln Navigator L … as in the extended-length version. The Town Car was also 79.7 inches wide, which is only 0.2 inches narrower than today’s biggest Lincoln. Its wheelbase, however, was 127.2 inches, which is 4.4 shorter than the Navigator. You don’t really need to see the specs to notice that length-to-wheelbase discrepancy, though, just check out that rear overhang!

Then there’s the engine: a 7.5-liter V8. Cool, that must be awesome! False. This upgrade engine for ’77 produced 208 horsepower and an admittedly robust 356 pound-feet of torque. It had a three-speed automatic. It also weighed in at 4,880 pounds. Fuel economy? Ah, don’t really have EPA figures for ’77, so let’s just say it was about as green as the Rose’s Town Car on “Schitt’s Creek.” 

So there, a very green car. Happy John?

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