These Are The 10 Cars To Look Out For In 2021

This year will be an awesome year for new cars. All over the world, manufacturers are preparing their new cars for launch and enthusiasts are extremely excited about what’s being launched this year. There will be many new electric cars as well as many new petrol and diesel cars.

However, of all the new vehicles being launched this year, which ones should gearheads really look out for? Well, today we are going to find out.

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10 Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck parked outside

The Tesla Cybertruck has been one of the most talked-about trucks in history. It was first shown to the public on the 21st November 2019 and pre-orders followed afterward. To secure a Cybertruck you needed $100 and the only options were for the motors and a $10,000 self-driving mode. The Cybertruck got hundreds of thousands of pre-orders and customer cars will start being made and delivered this year if there aren’t any more Covid-related delays.

via: Car & Driver

The Cybertruck is made from cold-rolled aluminum, so it’s extremely strong. It also has a base price of under $40,000 which is brilliant. This truck may just put other manufacturers out of business. It surely will be though very popular as it’s just so unique.

9 Nissan 400Z

Nissan Proto Z
Car Advice

The Nissan 400Z will be launched this year, and we are very excited. It has been over a decade now since the 370Z was launched and that car is just getting way too old. The 400Z will surely put Nissan back fighting in the sports car game with an all-new car and an all-new 3.0L twin-turbo V6 engine.

nissan 400z front third quarter view

The new 400Z will take a lot of inspiration from the likes of the classic Datsun 240Z, which was a very good-looking car. Expect the new 400Z to really go after the likes of the new Toyota Supra and the Porsche Cayman.

8 Porsche 911 GT3

via: Hype

Porsche has really been teasing us over the last year with the 992 GT3, and it’s finally going to be released in 2021. It will feature a 4.0L flat-6 naturally aspirated engine with a PDK or 6-speed manual transmission. It will have around 500hp and will do 0 to 60 mph in close to three seconds. Spy shots show that this car will have some serious aero, including a swan-neck hinged rear wing.

Porsche 911 GT3 on the highway

The new GT3 will be a serious machine around the track. We all know Porsche doesn’t mess about when it comes to making drivers’ cars and the new GT3 is no exception. It’s a really exciting car that we cannot wait to see. We just wish Porsche would be quicker at unveiling this thing.

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7 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA/GTAm

Giulia GTA Quadrifoglio 2021

The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA/GTAm is one of the most extreme sedans ever created. These track derived super sedans pack a 2.9 Bi-turbo V6 with 540hp and are 100kg lighter than the standard Quadrifoglio. This sedan is a track weapon and only 500 will be made worldwide. It is a truly special car with some extreme aero parts and center-lock lightweight alloy wheels.

Giulia GTA Quadrifoglio 2021

The GTAm is the two-seater more hardcore variant of the GTA. Its rear seats have been replaced by a roll-cage, and it also has racing seats with Sabelt harnesses and a lot of carbon fiber. It’s a sexy car in and out. However, both cars cost supercar money with the GTA starting at $155,000 and the GTAm starting at $175,000.

6 Audi E-Tron GT

Audi E-Tron GT parked outside

The electric sedan Audi has been promising us for years will finally be released this year to tackle the Tesla Model S. It will be based on the same platform as the brilliant Porsche Taycan. The new E-Tron GT looks awesome with its coupe-like design. It is expected to be launched on February 9th, 2021 and Audi says it will have 582hp.


This car will give Tesla and Lucid some serious competition. Audi has been working on this for many years now, and it’s expected to be their flagship EV. Expect a 6-figure price tag and a lot of expensive options. Cars like the new E-Tron really do show why EVs are not that bad nowadays.

5 BMW I4

the 2021 BMW i4 in a parking

The BMW i4 is BMW’s answer to the Tesla Model 3, and it promises to be faster than the M4. It has 530hp, and it will do a 0-60 time in 4 seconds flat. BMW states that the new i4 will lead the charge of six new electric cars. The i4 is a car very important to BMW since it will allow them to tackle the Model-3 head-on, which is a car that absolutely crushed 3-series sales.

camouflaged BMW i4 prototype calibration runs side view

The new i4 will have a range of 373 miles which is similar to the Model 3. It will also have better build quality and a nicer design. It will be based on the standard 4-series Gran Coupe mainly, but it will be slightly bigger due to batteries.

4 Nissan Ariya


Nissan’s first electric SUV is a good one. It’s called the Ariya, and it definitely wins 2021’s car name of the year award (if there was such a thing). It looks awesome, and it is here to rival the cheaper electric SUVs, such as the European Škoda Enyaq and the VW ID4 electric SUV. The Ariya is a beautiful car with 389hp and a 310-mile range. Nissan also states that it has “exciting handling.”

Nissan Ariya parked outside

The Nissan Ariya will be a serious contender in the world of electric cars. It is spacious, great looking, AWD, and comfortable. It’s the Nissan of the future, and we cannot wait to get our hands on one. By far one of the most exciting electric cars of 2021.

3 Lucid Air

Lucid Air

The Lucid Air is a car made to simply kill the Tesla Model S. The development of it started many years ago with the first prototypes coming out in 2016. The Lucid Air is set to do 517 miles on a single charge in its top-spec model. The cheapest car will do 406 miles. It’s a very handsome car, and it will have a pre-built passenger on board, Alexa.


The interior is far better than what the Tesla Model S offers. Its seats look like chairs, and it has a huge windshield that leads into the panoramic roof.

2 Aston Martin Valhalla


The Aston Martin Valhalla is described by Aston Martin as “the son of Valkyrie” which means that this car sits below the insanely fast Valkryie hypercar. Only 500 cars will be made and all of them will be powered by a 3.0 twin-turbo V6 and a KERS system, so this car will produce 986hp. It will also have similar exhaust outlets to the Porsche 918.

A white Aston Martin Valhalla

This is essentially Aston Martin’s take at the hypercar holy trinity except they’re around eight years late to the party. However, being late is better than being not there at all.

1 Mercedes SL

2022 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

It has been almost a decade since the new SL came out, and over the past decade, it has never really held the same impact it once had in previous years. However, this new SL has had a lot of thought by Mercedes, and it’s expected to bring back the magic once seen in the elder SL models. It will be more luxurious, sportier and cooler.


It will share the same platform as the S-Class and the new GT and will be the replacement for the S-Class convertible, a car that previously squashed SL sales.

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