Satisfy the Largest Mechanical Keyboard Collector in the Philippines

The mechanical keyboard pastime is one thing that has grown a lot in the past calendar year. A single purpose would be that work-from-home setups has led to numerous persons getting methods to make their setups additional nice: a great emotion and sounding keyboard staying a single of the surest ways to do so.


At the similar time, the industry has also found a whole lot of accessibly-priced designs and kits come out to assist ease in newcomers to an or else high-priced hobby. But let’s glimpse at matters on the other stop of the scale very first: Fulfill Daniel Ong, Pinoy keyboard enthusiast with the largest collection we have at any time observed in the state!

Let us start off with our burning dilemma: just how considerably money has been put into the contents of that cupboard?

I have not retained monitor of how a lot I‘ve expended on my selection-right until this interview. Properly, I summed it all up and I could have bought close to 40 PS5’s!

Which is a resourceful way of putting it! Do you know anyone else (locally) who is a even bigger spender than you?

I can not say for certain! There are loads of other persons that have further pockets than me but it’s possible they are extra personal about their collection. I know a person who collects artisans and great types normally charge like $400-500 (for a solitary keycap)!

This could be a car or truck amid other items!

Do you do the full “unload to reload” dance to fund new builds or do you preserve every little thing you’ve got made ever?

In a perception, indeed. I unload the moment in a when to make place for new types.

How lots of keyboards do you at the moment have? What was the most you’ve got at any time owned at the identical time?

I currently have 44 keyboards with 10 more in team buys. This is the most I have owned, at any time!

*Group buys are paid for prior to output begins, in essence like a pre-order for games

Daniel’s Major 3: TGR Jane V2 (about USD500) with GMK Honeywall. “If I experienced to pick out the only structure I could use for the rest of my daily life it would be the TKL. (tenkeyless)”

What is your working day work to find the money for all this?

I am an entrepreneur and on the facet, I market components like keyboard baggage, deskmats and so forth. to assist fund my hobby

What was your initial mechanical keyboard at any time? What did you assume about it then and what do you assume about it looking again from these days?

My 1st mechanical keyboard was a Rakk Kimat which I obtained on January 27, 2017. The very first time I typed on it I was generating “ohhh, aaah” appears due to the fact it just felt so good.

Wanting again, I’d say the Rakk Kimat was a definitely great option for a beginner.

How about your initial custom keyboard build ever? Exactly where is it now?

My to start with personalized create was an XD64 kit (USD30-70) which I requested from China that I acquired to practice soldering on. I offered it a number of months just after to a random guy.

How lots of instances have you instructed by yourself that “endgame na to”?

I in all probability told myself that phrase with the next 5 boards that I procured right after the Rakk Kimat. Immediately after that, I understood it was just a lie that I retained telling myself. I guess the time period “endgame” does not use to a hoarder.

Do you feel MKBs can be compared to sneakers exactly where price tag goes up because of hype and minimal supply?

Undoubtedly! People are inclined to shell out major greenback for uncommon things. They maintain on boosting their money presents just to get the keyboards they want. Sector prices essentially skyrocketed in the the latest months when the pandemic strike with the inflow of new hobbyists.

Just like in the sneaker scene, some keyboards resell for insane amounts. I’ve observed keyboards that retail for $500 being sold at the $5,000 mark. This is thanks to the extremely limited offer of selected keyboards. Hell, elusive artisan keycaps resell for $1,000 (or additional) a piece!

And now, people have started out making use of bots to get keyboard slots from initially appear, very first provide income so they can flip all those for a revenue. Pathetic!

Daniel’s Top 3: TGR Alice with GMK Dots. This is an ergonomic or ergo format. “The keyboard that began the ergo trend in 2019. Surely eye sweet but, surprisingly, you can promptly adapt to the structure.”

Do you consider the fascination test/group obtain/it is really-now-marketed-out-without end design is good for the pastime or do you think it would be much better for things to be significantly less unique?

Personally, I like the experience of proudly owning some of the a lot more elusive boards out there. But you have to comprehend that designers/makers also have good reasons for limiting the sale of their keyboards and it is not to artificially inflate the rate!

Most tailor made keyboard designers are a a single-male team and building keyboards is just a passion for them. A great deal of get the job done goes into designing a keyboard, shelling out income to prototype models and even additional work once they arrive from the manufacturing facility. Consider having to unscrew each just one to glimpse for anodization problems, test if every single PCB is purposeful and having to ship them all out! They have to continue to keep quantities lower or else excellent control could possibly put up with as a consequence.

As for the it really is-now-offered-out-endlessly model, I’ve talked to a designer about this and his answer was “I want to continuously make new things, not the very same matter about and over”. This in fact can make a whole lot of feeling.

For you on the buyer facet, what is the largest thrill or satisfaction you get from developing and accumulating keyboards?

You would not think how a lot time and hard work goes into building a keyboard. From the tedious get the job done of lubing the switches, tuning every little thing and soldering. But it is all really worth it when I complete a establish and the keyboard sounds and feels perfect!

I get pleasure from using photographs of keyboards. To me, it is related to proudly owning artwork parts wherever they bring a feeling of fulfilment. Generating new mates, with the enable of the net, is also aspect of the journey.

How does someone with your means fight lason-or do you just give in devoid of resistance?

I gave up on attempting to combat it. When something catches my eye and I can find the money for it, finished offer. Either way, keyboards have turned out to be a good investment decision. Who would’ve considered?!

*Lason: practically poison, but in this scenario, it is the slowly and gradually making urge to acquire some thing until you finally give in

Daniel’s Top 3: Kyuu with GMK Jamon “A good compromise for a person who wants arrow keys but a modest footprint on their desk. 65% is my 2nd most loved structure.”

With the influx of newcomers, what veteran suggestions would you give to a newcomer to the keyboard scene?

Discover! In this hobby, every thing will come down to particular preference. The possibilities are infinite! Obtain what performs best for you and don’t leap on bandwagons.

At last, what guidance can you give to a newcomer when it comes to budget? They could think they Will need to devote a whole lot to appear up with a little something first rate

For newcomers, I would genuinely advise saving up for a “hotswap” keyboard so they can quickly swap out switches without possessing to use a soldering iron. This can make discovering distinct types of switches a breeze!

You really never require to invest a lot to come up with some thing respectable but you are going to need to have to place time and hard work into lubing. A first timer would in all probability invest 4 to 6 several hours to lube switches for a TKL keyboard but I assure that it’ll be worthy of it-lubed switches not only really feel smoother but seem immensely far better as effectively! There are tons of guides on Youtube and the supplies you require are affordable and very easily accessible on the web (salamat Shopee!).

Sample develop for a newbie:

  • Rakk Lam-Ang Pro – P2,500
  • 87x Gateron switches – P1,100
  • PBT keycaps – P500
  • Lube + brush for software – P300

For around P4,500 you can have a respectable keyboard. I warranty that this will be waaaay superior than these highly-priced “gaming” keyboards which by the way are just the exact with any other keyboard and give no positive aspects for gaming.