Mercedes SL2022: Out of Crisis

Raymond S. Hughes

Mercedes SL2022 is not a new model, but rather a return to a previous design. That means that it retains some of the best features of the original SL.

In 2017, Mercedes Benz recalled almost half a million vehicles worldwide due to faulty airbags. The carmaker also had to pay millions of dollars to customers who suffered injury or property damage due to the defect. That prompted them to rethink their strategy and restructure their entire organization, and the result was the creation of two new brands: Vito and AMG. After years of recovery, Mercedes Benz is back in top form today. They have announced the launch of three new models, the SLC32, GLE43, and GLS63.

With over 200,000 sales per month, Mercedes-Benz has become the number 1 luxury brand in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Africa. However, Mercedes Benz keeps delivering high-quality performance cars at affordable prices. Mercedes SL2022 is its latest offering. Let us take a look at this beast.

Since the 2008 model -with its most dubious restyling- customers and car buyers in Dubai have been avoiding the SL, and car enthusiasts have made it the center of their discussions. The version of 2013 had also continued the descent into hell despite Mercedes’ desire to raise the bar. 

With a somewhat heavy line that was the antithesis of the name SL (Sport Light), it completely missed out on any commercial success.

One of the most iconic and desirable cars of recent decades is getting back on its feet in a version that is attractive again.

  • Mercedes announces the color by offering only two versions: 55 and 63 AMG, positioning it almost like an AMG GT with a wheelbase of 2.63 (AMG GT) and 2.7 meters (SL).
  • The SL2022 comes with a powerful twin-turbo 8-cylinder engine with 533 HP and 479 lb-ft of torque. A convertible sporty beauty with a nine-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel steering, all-wheel drive, great acceleration of 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, and four seats.
  • Technically speaking, the car weighs around 1900 kg, enough to raise fears in terms of dynamism. However, it remains very rigorous, due to generous tires in width and the adoption of a steering rear axle.
  • Like the SLS or the AMG GT, AMG developed its chassis. Of course, that smacks a bit of marketing, because the in-house engineers at Mercedes are just as competent, especially when it comes to developing a high-performance geometry or even a sharpened chassis.

(AMG is Mercedes if we want to be objective because since 2005 it belongs to them 100%).

  • To optimize weight and cargo space, Mercedes has replaced the former folding hardtop with a fabric roof. The interior is luxurious as usual. Plus, the new feature “Airscarf” brings some warmth while driving in winter.
  • Infotainment systems allow drivers to get information quickly and enjoy multimedia entertainment and a premium sound system. All models include Mercedes’ new MBUX infotainment system, equipped with the system’s “hey Mercedes” virtual assistant. The car features an 11.9-inch touch screen that can be adjusted depending on a driver’s preference in viewing angle.
  • Although we don’t know yet which driving assistance features will be standard and which will be optional, the rumor says the new SL2022 will feature emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and semi-autonomous driving mode.

A unique combination of high performance and an attractive design make the Mercedes SL2022 a truly distinctive car. With its sporty looks and impressive performance capabilities, it’s sure to be noticed wherever it goes. 

Does that make you want to sell your car in UAE and get that German luxury ride?

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