Karma Automotive seeks to make hydrogen powered vehicles

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It aims to examination automobiles it will create with a powertrain that will run on the H2 it makes alone.

Karma Automotive, a luxury electric car company, is doing the job on the early stages of a powertrain for hydrogen powered autos that would deliver their own fuel.

The engineering is not nevertheless entire, but the enterprise expects to begin tests it this year.

Until finally now, the company’s main concentrate has been the advancement of plug-in hybrid and electrical autos. This has been its intent because it rose from what was left of Fisker in 2014. The organization nonetheless intends to launch a new electrical sedan it has named the GSe-6. That said, it is now wanting over and above electric solutions and is in the early phases of creating a powertrain for hydrogen vehicles that would produce their personal H2 as a gas.

To execute this target, Karma Automotive is doing work with Blue Globe Technologies from Denmark. The total procedure is created all over a methanol fuel cell. It can be refilled as rapid as a gasoline driven automobile. From fueling, the chemical is sent by way of a methanol reformer, which converts it into hydrogen. The H2 is made use of for creating the electrical energy that moves the auto.


Environmental Quotes To Don’t forget – “For example, a breakthrough in much better batteries could supplant hydrogen. Much better photo voltaic cells could replace or win out in this race to the fuel of the future. These, I see, as the three major rivals: hydrogen, solar cells and then improved batteries.”

– Bob Inglis


Both businesses recognized methanol as the H2 carrier for the hydrogen driven cars and trucks.

That said, neither corporation right away determined what the byproducts of their hydrogen creation process would be.

Other automakers associated in generating H2 driven automobiles incorporate Toyota, Hyundai and BMW. They have all poured millions into hydrogen gas cell car or truck investments. That claimed, each and every of those people providers has chosen not to work with methanol.

Karma Automotive stated that it made the decision to use methanol and make the H2 inside the car due to the fact methanol – also recognized as wooden alcoholic beverages – is currently commonly traded globally. In addition, quite a few countries can keep and distribute that material employing their present infrastructures. On top of that, it can be made working with renewable sources.

The Irving, California-based automaker and Blue Environment Technologies intend to put in the methanol-run drivetrain into a fleet of their GSe-6 sedans to generate hydrogen powered vehicles in advance of the close of this 12 months. They will examination these motor vehicles in each the US and Denmark.