In Chaotic Job, Mechanic Installs Fuel Engine in Tesla

Electric to Fuel

YouTuber and renowned Tesla tinkerer Prosperous Rebuilds has tackled his hottest project: replacing the thoroughly clean, electric powertrain of a junkyard Tesla Product S with a gasoline-guzzling V8 engine block.

The hardware he transplanted is a 6.2-liter LS3 rear-wheel-generate car motor created by Common Motors — courtesy of a totaled 2010 Chevrolet Camaro — with 426 horsepower. Which is similar to the overall performance set out by a, well, ordinary entry degree Product S.

And indeed, the project is “gonna damage some inner thoughts,” as The Push predicted back again in December, when Rich was still performing on the job. at?v=WcS9Kle816s

Flipping the Script

Rich has established himself a considerable challenge: a Model S was never ever intended to fit a V8, enable by yourself be powered by just one. But just after a terrific deal of tinkering and stripping of initial elements, the place underneath the hood did in simple fact end up fitting the substantial motor block.

The project is not virtually prepared to strike the streets. Wealthy and his workforce continue to have to reinforce many regions of the auto frame, because fitting the engine necessary them to consider a large amount of steel out.

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