Here’s One Muscle Car We’d Love To Build

The Pontiac GTO was a true muscle car in every sense and is the heartthrob of every American gearhead.

Muscle cars make everyone crazy and we are no exception. In the US, they used to call them Supercars back in time. The year of origin is heavily debated but 1950 is widely regarded as the birth year of these performance cars. There is no official definition of a muscle car either. However, the general understanding tends to lean towards high-performance American coupes with a large V8 engine slapped in. Building their favorite car from the past is a dream of every muscle car enthusiast and that includes us. True, they are old and outdated but they fascinate us, and besides, what is it that some tools and a nice paint job can’t fix.

In fact, many of these classic muscle cars were way ahead of the time they were launched in, and trust us, they are more than happy to let someone take them to the future, where they actually belong. Our pick is one such muscle car. Someday far in the future, when our writing jobs allow us a little time, we would love to build the first generation Pontiac GTO.

The Pontiac GTO was launched in 1964 as a passion project of a few rebellious engineers of Pontiac Motor Division at General Motors. The iconic car went on to revolutionize the whole motor world across the globe. In the US, it was manufactured between 1963 to 1974 and then discontinued. Some say that the Pontiac GTO was the first car to start the muscle car segment while others say it was the father of all muscle cars. Whatever may be the truth, Pontiac GTO is unanimously credited for popularizing the trend.

The Pontiac GTO was a true muscle car in every sense and is the heartthrob of every American gearhead. We would give anything to build one.

Read through the end if you want to know which muscle car we would love to build and why. Do pour in your thoughts in the comment section.

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We Would Love To Modify The Pontiac GTO, The Grandpa Of All Muscle Cars

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Pontiac GTO was way ahead of its time. Fun fact: its name is inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO where GTO is an acronym for Gran Turismo Omologato or Grand Tourer Homologated. However, it was not certified for a Grand Tourer race car throughout its lifetime. The GTO was an instant hit right after its launch, all thanks to its terrific performance and extensive marketing strategies. Soon enough, every other major carmaker followed suit and thus started the golden era of muscle cars.

In a true sense, the Pontiac GTO was the first muscle car. Even though others did come and go, no other performance car could leave such a mark on the world or make such an entrance. The Pontiac GTO did not only kickstart an all-new segment but also helped the auto industry evolve for good. The formula behind the GTO was the same old one used by racers, a lightweight car with a bigger engine but it was exclusively designed for street performance. It ruled both the drag strips and streets back in the 60s. The best thing about the GTO is that even the first or the second generation GTO fits in great with the modern technology and traffic.

The Pontiac GTO changed the auto industry overnight. Gathering from the success stories of other enthusiasts as per Torque Talk, modifying it will be an incredibly thrilling experience.

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The Pontiac GTO Is Relatively Easier To Build Although Slightly Expensive

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The first generation of the Pontiac GTO is often known as its best model years, primarily because they were more performance-oriented. They also had the best parts and an equally powerful engine. In general, the GTOs have the finest build quality out of most other GM models. It is also relatively easier to build the Pontiac GTO. According to Motor Biscuit, it is one of the easiest classic muscle cars to restore. The aftermarket is flooded with its parts and replacements. Both the Pontiac dealerships and the independent suppliers are usually stocked with the required components all year long. However, since a very limited number of GTO pieces were produced, they are a little expensive to build. We might have to pay the premium so parts and replacements would probably cost an arm and a leg.

To put things into perspective, GTO’s parts can be much more expensive than those of the Mustang or Camaro but then GTO was also rarer and more expensive than both of them. Nearly every gearhead is obsessed with the GTO. It was and is still massively popular and appreciated so much so that we are absolutely sure when we would take our bigger, better, and more powerful GTO out on the streets, no one would be able to help but stare. Whether you want a performance model or a head-turner, Pontiac GTO is a perfect choice and that’s why it is our number one pick for the muscle car that we would love to turn around.

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