Here’s How Much A Classic AMC Spirit Is Worth Today

The Spirit is one of their later models, first produced in 1979 as a replacement for the Gremlin.

During AMC’s time in the car market, they made their fair share of classic cars. From the Javelin to the Spirit, the car manufacturer managed to exceed the big three brands at the time. They typically made unique sedans or jeep style cars, which were different from anything on the market.

Although the AMC models are no longer in production, they are still highly sought after. The Spirit is one of their later models, first produced in 1979 as a replacement for the Gremlin. Today, AMC collectors or people interested in classic American cars are looking for cars like the Spirit to add to their collection. So, we are revealing how much one is worth today, and more.

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What Is An AMC Spirit?

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American Motors Corporation (AMC) produced the Spirit as a subcompact car. During the years of design, the team decided they want to remodel their Gremlin model, which was another subcompact ride that was first introduced in 1970.

The reason being for the redesign and new name was so that AMC could make upgrades and reveal two new versions of the car. Instead of remodeling the Gremlin, the team at AMC decided it would be better to base a new car on an older model. It was quite a smart move as the Gremlin sales began to decline during the late 1970s. The Spirit was released as a liftback as well as a sedan.

Both variations of the classic 1979 AMC Spirit drove on the same wheelbase and used a standard 2-liter inline-four engine, which was supplied by Audi. For customers who wanted more torque, there was an option to upgrade the liftback engine to 5 liters. The standard engine offered drivers up to 25 miles per gallon, which was the industry standard at the time of release.

Other specifications that both variations shared were upgraded features from the Gremlin. These upgrades included colored wheel covers, custom bucket seats, floor shift gear, and wood accents on the dashboard and steering wheel.

Again, upgrades were available for the liftback model. Customers had the option to add leather trims, seats, and blacked-out windows.

AMC upgraded the Spirit year on year. New features consisted of larger engines, exterior grilles, and fuel improvements.

It’s History And It’s Heyday

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The AMC Spirit was manufactured by the team in Wisconsin and Ontario. The Spirit was also under license to be produced in Mexico for sales there.

Sales of the Spirit first began in 1979, and for two years was sold under the name Spirit. But in later years, between 1981 and 1983, the car was reconsidered as sold under the name Eagle. To this day nobody is sure why AMC decided to change its name. But, in our eyes and to AMC collectors it is still the Spirit.

AMC was the fourth biggest car manufacturer in America at this time until it was acquired by Chrysler in 1987. Sales were booming for the Spirit, but not so much later AMC cars.

How Much An AMC Spirit Is Worth Today

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For a good condition classic AMC Spirit, the average price is around $6,500. It seems that there is a limited number of Spirit’s on the market today, which is why the price may be higher than you assumed.

In comparison to other AMC models, the Spirit could be considered inexpensive. With Javelin’s and Gremlin’s selling for almost double the price.

Later models, such as the 1981 Spirit, would sell for more due to its larger engine, probability of being in better condition, and additional exterior features. Make sure to look over the car’s theft and service history to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

What Makes It A True Classic

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Seeing as the AMC Spirit was only sold for a mere 4 years, this reflects why it is a rare car. There is a limited amount on the market for collectors to purchase, which reflects its short time on the market.

The age of the car, being produced in 1979, reflects it is a true classic. Any car over 30 years old that is no longer sold could be considered a classic.

AMC is a company that didn’t quite make it, but they did make a lot of cool cars in their time. In our opinion, the AMC Spirit didn’t get enough time on the market to really take off. The later models boasted enough engine power to align with customers who were seeking fun and speed. Yet, the sales didn’t quite meet the margin and sales stopped in 1983. To purchase one, you may need to find a verified reseller as the Spirit is fairly hard to source.

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