Fury in a mechanical workshop: a man broke the windshield of seven cars with a wrench

A man broke the windshield of seven cars with a cross wrench, after arguing with employees at a Hurlingham auto shop. The client’s name is Leandro Ezequiel Rodríguez, he is 27 years old and was arrested this Friday afternoon for the incident that occurred in February.

Rodríguez would have gone out of his mind to the mechanical workshop, located in General Pedro Díaz at 700, asking for explanations for a lack of money inside his car that he had ordered to be fixed. Before the astonished gaze of the employees, he grabbed a wrench and began to break the windows of the cars.

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Seven vehicles were victims of attacks by Leandro Rodríguez, who before fleeing from the workshop a computer that functions as a mechanical scanner was stolen to identify the problems that the cars have and to be able to fix them.

After two months, police of the Province of Buenos Aires he was identified by the security cameras of the workshop located in Villa Tesei, Hurlingham. He was arrested this Friday, aboard a Volkswagen Gol.

Fury in a mechanical workshop: a man broke the windshield of seven cars with a wrench

The cause, in charge of the doctor Sergio Augusto Di Leoprosecutor of Functional Unit No. 6 of the Morón courts, was registered as “aggravated robbery”for having stolen the computer, “damage”for having smashed the windshield of seven cars, and “threats” to workshop employees.

The client was arrested but the mechanic had to pay two million pesos

On the run for two months, the owner of the Hurlingham auto shop had to take charge of fixing the seven cars that were destroyed by Leandro Rodríguez.

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The trader stated that the damage caused by the subject in the mechanical workshop amounts to 2.5 million pesosbut it has not yet transpired if the aggressor must return the money for the expenses.

Police sources confirmed that the detainee was released a few hours after being detained at the Villa Tesei police station.

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