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Expensive Vehicle Chat:

I have a 2005 Saturn Ion with 127,000 miles on it. It’s in quite great issue for its age. Nevertheless, about a yr ago, I was driving it at about 25 miles for every hour when the ability steering indicator warning gentle (“PWR STR”) and the chime warning sound arrived on and the electrical power steering stopped performing.

At just the similar time the transmission dropped down to and remained in very low gear, and the speedometer stopped doing work. Also, at the identical time, the check out motor gentle arrived on, and when I pressed the brake pedal, there was a clicking audio.

Immediately after a shorter time, almost everything simultaneously went back to typical. The car or truck was high-quality for about a year. Then it happened yet again. Now it is been occurring intermittently about the previous three months. The identical troubles all occur at the similar time and later go at the exact time. I took it to my mechanic who checked it for free wires and loose connectors. He claimed he even disconnected and reconnected all the connectors at the car’s pc but could find nothing.

At this time, the auto has been fine for about a week. Any ideas? — Dennis

Yeah. My initial imagined is to challenge your opening statement that this auto is in extremely superior condition for its age, Dennis.

I thought that most likely some failing sensor put your motor vehicle into “limp home method.” That is the exact mode you go into immediately after the neighbor kid leaves his bicycle out on the sidewalk, and you bang your shin on it. Limp property method is developed to safeguard your car’s catalytic converter.

If the laptop gets a reading through for one particular of the engine’s sensors that implies that harm may possibly be done to your incredibly high-priced catalytic converter, it’ll engage limp house mode, which lessens the engine’s energy radically, earning it seem like you’re in minimal equipment. And that’s normally accompanied by a very low power light.

But you have acquired so several other warning lights on that I think your mechanic was on the appropriate monitor to glance for a more systemic electrical situation.

Ordinarily, what we’d do in a circumstance like this is some thing known as a shake take a look at. Fundamentally, you get on to each and every wire and connector you can uncover in the motor vehicle and shake it, hoping that you can reproduce the trouble and slim down its resource. And if you’re genuinely blessed, whilst you are yanking on all the wires, the auto catches fire and that solves the trouble.

There are so several things it could be: a corroded floor wire, a lousy ignition switch, soiled connectors in a wire harness, a poor digital control module (computer system). Even a failing gas pump could lead to some of these indications.

I know you can not go to your area Saturn vendor any more (RIP), but you might consider chatting to someone at a friendly Chevy vendor, which serviced these cars and trucks after Saturn bailed.

Maybe they’ll understand the collection of signs and help save you a several hundred several hours of diagnostic detective get the job done. If not, you can give your mechanic a different crack at it and see if he finds a saved fault code in the computer this time or normally will get blessed.

And if that does not perform, relaxation confident, Dennis, you have gotten your revenue out of this auto. And if you come to a decision it is time to go on — like Saturn did 10 decades ago — no one is likely to think much less of you. Excellent luck.



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