All But Confirmed: Android Automobile Glitch Now Plaguing the 2021 Ford F-150

As we explained to you earlier this week, the update to Android 11 appears to be to do a lot more hurt than excellent in the circumstance of some Android Vehicle end users.
More especially, some 2021 Ford F-150 entrepreneurs claim that making use of their units to electricity Android Car wirelessly no extended performs properly, as the detection doesn’t transpire any longer just after setting up the update to Android 11.

But now it seems to be like the entire point is starting to be extra common and most 2021 Ford F-150 designs appear to be affected. A number of visitors confirmed the issue exists in their auto way too, and now another person on Google’s forums and proclaiming to be operating at a Ford dealership suggests the connectivity glitch is skilled in each and every solitary new F-150 in their fleets with telephones updated to Android 11.

In most scenarios, every little thing labored just wonderful before the update, so it’s pretty very clear the connectivity dilemma arrives with the most up-to-date operating system model.

I do the job at a Ford dealership and am experiencing your correct difficulty on every F-150 I pair my Pixel 3 to. If I uninstall all updates to Android Auto ahead of pairing my telephone the auto display prompt will come up all over again to make it possible for wireless transfer, but then the application forces me to update and then won’t work. Plugging in to USB cycles the telephone to continuously restart. Ahead of the update it worked flawlessly in every truck I paired to,” the alleged Ford dealership employee describes.

Of training course, working CarPlay wirelessly with an Iphone in the exact F-150 performs flawlessly.

Google is currently investigating the challenge, but an ETA as to when a correct could land is not however out there. In the meantime, Ford has remained absolutely limited-lipped on the full thing, so at this level, users are all alone in their endeavor to take care of the dilemma.

In other phrases, if Android Vehicle is an vital attribute for your driving working experience and you’re about to set up Android 11 on your smartphone, you may possibly want to hold out a minimal bit a lot more to do it.